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ARIF, TAYYIBAH: Tayyibah Arif has an interesting background – she was born in London but is originally from Pakistan and grew up in various cities in Pakistan and different countries.  She studied art in Pakistan and also at Central Saint Martins, University of London.  Her art draws on her diverse experiences and uses modern techniques which often reflect eastern elements making it a unique blend of vibrant colours and diversity.  Her figurative art represents cultural phenomena in her home country of Pakistan. She specialises in figurative painting and abstract expressionism using an oil and canvas medium.  Her art focuses on the dynamic movement of paint and represents the vibrant colours of Pakistan.


BARCENA, PAUL:  Paul Barcena is a fine art photographer. He was born in 1986 in Querétaro, Mexico. First trained in Accounting and Finance, he worked in that field for five years. Photography came into play gradually. It started with personal experiments and part-time classes at La Escuela Activa de Fotografía nearby. Eventually he took it a step further, moving to New York City to train at the International Center of Photography, graduating in 2016. He is currently living and working in New York.


BLACKMORE, EMILY: She is an American artist practicing in London. Before studying at the University of East London’s MA Fine Art course, she had a less formal art background.  Her subject matter often focuses on life experiences. Although she works in both abstract and realist styles, her work is characterized by its rich colors and highly detailed nature. She likes to experiment and bring the best of various media to a single work.

BURKE, LAURA: The process of painting itself is my driving force to create. My starting point is usually a colour, which will  have been growing in   my mind in the days or weeks anticipating    a fresh    canvas.   I envisage the colour developing into a line or  texture    using a particular  brush until I have to make a mark.


DAINI, MATTEO: He is an Italian independent and freelance artist. He realizes both abstract and figurative artworks.

“The mask of Agamemnon is an oil and acrylic painting on canvas created by the Italian artist Matteo Daini. The golden mask a symbol of the dual personality of the powerful and influential individuals has been fractured and reduced to geometrical forms and then reunited within a shallow, relief-like space. This process of de-construction and re-construction, along with the wide colour spectrum utilised in the painting, is aimed to emphasise the flatness of the canvas. The composition of the painting refers to its conceptual dimension – the two- dimensional character of the artwork is thus reinforcing the dual personality of the represented subject.” – Livia Ceci Neva


The mask of Agamemnon 2017 100x100 Oil and acrylic £950,00

The mask of Agamemnon 2017 Oil and acrylic on canvas 100×100 £950

DIJKHOFF, NATASHA: Born in Oranjestad, Aruba in 1984, she lives and works in Dundee, Scotland. She is interested in interplay of conflicting elements and the transition of different forms of language.


DONOFRIO, ALEXIA: Alexia D’Onofrio was born in Acqui Terme, a town in the province of Alessandria, Italy, in 1993. Since childhood manifested a passion for painting and art history. Over the years he developed an expressive personal path that leads her to define her own style “Astral painting”. During her artistic career, she experimented increasingly different and innovative materials, from acrylic paint to the wall painting.

DRUMMOND, YASMIN: Born in Germany, She is  a British artist of Middle Eastern origin, currently based in London. She has  been fortunate to have lived in 14 diverse, beautiful and fascinating countries over three decades. The adventure and wonder of life and people who have come across her path are the inspiration behind her paintings, with references to climate change, migrations and diversity.


EHRET, ANDREA: Andrea Ehret is a Slovak painter and art therapist based in Prague, Czech Republic. Her art work is mainly concentrated on abstract expressive oil painting. She regularly leads individual and collective art therapy workshops for children and adults. Her art works are part of private collections all around the world and she has exhibited her art internationally: e.g. Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, USA, etc.


This is what we dream about 2017 100×100 cm mixed media £2350

ELLIOTT, LAURA:  Laura Elliott’s work reflects her desire to be constantly challenging and developing her work in her chosen medium of mixed media painting. Each artwork is inspired by landscapes, yet influenced by her thought processes, emotions and mood at the time of creation, which allows a fluidity of ideas and a freedom of exploration within her work.


Dodge Punk’d viper_2017_Mixed media_91x91cm_£695

EKATERINI KOLIAKOU: She has created these abstract paintings to be reflective of 2016. The personal effects a personal diary so to speak. Representative also of her existence in contradiction of the space of the authentic abstract theory, to also depict the affects of the eclipse. She is attempted to give form with strong colour and by using my hands in a manic and unprecedented way.

FASULO, FRANCO: He was born in 1963 in Agrigento, Italy. He starts his activity as designer in the archaeological area. The pictorial turn comes at the mid 90’s, when he starts to travel around the Mediterranean countries and the Atlantic coast

GONZALEZ, MARINA: Born in Sevilla, she lives and works in London. Marina Gonzalez focuses her interest on the consciousness treatment through the creation of artistic stimulus which motivates different physiological mechanisms of perception. Her art creations are the connectivity way between the sensitive reality and cognitive response.

Daram 93_2016_Mixed Media_100cm x 100cm £ 3500

GODINA, LYNNE: She is an artist that loves blending and merging colours, to allow the free forming expression that comes from creation. Abstracts are so personal. She asks the viewer to go into the piece and explore. Her paintings are hanging in private and commercial collections Australia wide as well as internationally in Italy, France and the United States.

GRAMANTIERI, STEFANO: Born in Ravenna, Italy, in 1971, Stefano have been always attracted by art in general, fine arts in all their forms, design, and modern sculptures. At the beginning of 2008 started his artwork production and since then he received many appreciations by public and critics.

Time to fly 100×100 cm 2017 mixed media £1400

HARRIS, MARK:  Although not trained full time, he has recieved some great evening class tuition at Stafford College. Professional art teachers showed him the basics and provided very good models. He does like to do a range of work, from landscapes to portaits and abstracts. Light is everything.


KAWANO, NAOKI: Born in Japan in 1988, he is London based. I am interested in the individual emotive response that can be stimulated by work, and am particularly drawn to the use of delicate and sensitive materials in order to provoke emotional reaction.

MARTIN, BLANDINE:  She is a French artist who specialized in mixed media, working with sand, timber and metals. She creates visually strong abstract images. Inspired by Africa, India and my native Provence.

MILLMAKER, ANGELINA: She is a Norwegian artist, and the essence of her work is rooted in the colours and landscapes from Scandinavia and the traditional simple design of Nordic art. Her work is contemporary abstract art ranging from big motives and bold colors to subtle, white washed images of a snowy pale winter day

OBRIEN, SAMUEL: Samuel O’Brien began his career working in Short Film. His expansion into many mediums from digital art to painting has been rapid; exploring the Universe through a striking Abstract and Expressionistic style.

Marble Fall 2 2016 100×100 digital print £800

PALMONI, MARTINA: Martina lives in Italy, in the beautiful city of Ferno. She is a shoes designer, singer and painter. Today she realises canvases with recycled materials, she makes live again old accesories, fabrics….materials useless that make part of her working world.


11 September 2017,100×100 Oil, acrylic and recycled pieces £1270

PYM, ABI: She is a textile designer who aims to blur the lines between modern textile design and intricate macro photography. After graduating from the University of Southampton, Winchester school of Art in 2015, her style of working has been developed by combining photography experimentation with more traditional hand rendered techniques.

ROSADO, JORDI: He lives and works in  Sapin. As a photographer, he searches for lives, to carry out different tasks. From architecturalphotography, to hotels, to photography of scenic arts. Always with the mind set in creation.

Giving birth_2017_ Photo on methacrylate_70x100cm_ £1750

SQUIRE, PAUL: Paul Kingsley Squire is a London based artist and musician. He has created a diverse portfolio through painting, digital art and music composition and could be best described as an autodidactic polymath.His work splits into several distinct categories, one of them being abstract landscape painting in oil.

The receptive full_2016_Mixed media_100x100cm_£845

YANAGISAWA, KEIKO: She is  an emerging artist, working primarily in Pen , Watercolor and Acrylic. She often employs various of traditional color and mid-tone. Especially traditional color of japan is deeply ingrained in her body.