Unfinished Self Project

Le Dame Gallery is delighted to present the “Unfinished self” a project by artist Martin Robert Reed. The show features new mixed media paintings that explore self-portraiture and the human condition.

As humans we are persistently engaged in thought and our emotions govern our existence, these attributes contribute to what inspires us, yet it is our action our physical motion that directly interprets our response to stimulus. In this regard the drawing/painting process becomes Reed’s main concern, as this is the direct link with our human physicality and our presence. It is this physicality in his drawings/paintings that he believes makes a direct connection to the viewer.

“Through paint it is my intention to immerse the viewer in reality. Not just my own reality as an artist, or the paintings’ reality, but for the viewer to ask questions about their own reality” says Martin R. Reed.

Figuration underpins his paintings and is the main concern, the human condition, consciousness and existence. The fascination with human sophistication and our complex journey, a complex journey that ends unfinished.


“Unfinished Self” Project – 1st – 30th September 2016

 The artist will attend the Private View on the 6th of September from 6pm to 9pm.

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