Sadie Clayton in Miami

Sadie Clayton is a luxury sculptural womenswear label representing a unique aesthetic in the British fashion scene. Clayton’s architectural approach sees avant-garde shapes, manipulating industrial materials and silhouettes to fit the female form. The designer’s signature fabric – and the element that brings good luck – copper, is prevalent within her collections as is copper sheeting, which has been hammered and heated for a progressive finish. The abstract concept of time is a continuum in her work both commercially with Nixon watches and specifically this year when she presented with Alcantara a bespoke piece also displayed at the Protein Gallery, Shoreditch, which captured the concept of time in the form of a full length coat.


Sadie also has a personal spirituality which she draws on coming from the metaphysical properties of stones, and physiognomy. Themes which have been translated into her garments through their voluminous shapes, or constraints and twisted proportions. The fabrics replicate the texture and composition of the crystals, also demonstrated in her A/W 2016 signature bomber with Swarovski.


 Sadie Clayton presentation



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