Pow(d)er by Gabriela Herma

Gabriela Herma is a Polish Fine Art Photographer, based in London. Her work is characterized by an extremely long and fascinating process that allows the artist to transform a photo into a unique – one of a kind – original work.

Herma’s photographs are printed onto metal and later supervened with resin and mixed materials such as Swarovski, broken mirrors and sparkle dust. Her photographs freeze moments of emotion and are brought to life by layering resin and reflective elements. Through this process, she injects a vitality and tangibility that invites us to step into the scene and experience first hand the moment Herma captured.

This new provocative series of works is presented for the first time at Le Dame Art Gallery at the Melia White House. Gabriela explores the theme of Power and its iconographic objects, from the US dollar to cocaine or famous brand such as Coca-Cola. Covered in Swarovski and diamond Powder, even a gun looks sparkling and possibly can be perceived positively, and so does the Instagram icon, inviting the viewer to think about how social media have contributed changing the perception of what we truly like or dislike.