Born in Pietrasanta in 1985 to an Italian father and a Spanish mother, Valentina Lucarini Orejon is the heir to a family of artisans, masters in bronze with lost wax casting. His grandfather Gino is one of the founders of the "Fonderia Artistica Versiliese" in Pietrasanta, known for his collaborations with some of the most fsmous international artists such as Fernando Botero, Julio Larraz, Pomodoro.
She starts her career while she was just a teen, learning the techniques of lost wax casting, shaping clay and making magnificats of sculptures using pantographs and compasses.

In 2005, in collaboration with the FP Luxury art gallery in Genoa, Valentina created for the company MSC Cruises, a series of medium and large sculptural works, in materials such as bronze, marble and aluminum.
She attended the Institute of Art "Stagio Stagi", and then graduated with a final score of 110 cum laude at the "Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara", with a dissertation on the techniques of bronze casting of great equestrian monuments.
To enrich her cultural background, she works in the ateliers of some of the most important masters of the contemporary scene, sometimes becoming personal assistant and creating for them, enlargements, models and sketches.
Valentina participates in several exhibitions, she is selected for the realization of sports and fashion trophies, and her works are present in private and public collections.

Thanks to hes artistic training, she makes her pieces without intermediaries, personally performing every step: from the model of clay or wax, to molding, to the finish of the bronzes.
Her studio is located inside the Fonderia Artistica Versiliese in the center of Pietrasanta.