Crossing different techniques, materials and expressive languages, Alice Padovani's research originates from archetypes of wonder and repulsion. With a classifier spirit similar to the neo-eighteenth century, she combines the spontaneity of the creative impulse and the rigor of the scientific method. Passing through installations, assemblages and performances, in her works she proposes fragments of a decontextualized nature and creates collections that are, at the same time, heaps and traces, where natural and personal memory merge to find a common point of origin. Currently her works are present in several exhibitions including a solo exhibition at the State Archives of Turin and a collective show at the Palazzina di Caccia Stupinigi (Art Site Fest). The most recent site-specific project, realized for Modena Philosophy Festival at the Civic Museums, is a large floor installation created starting from a selection of extraordinary ancient objects and finds from archaeological, ethnological and civic museum collections. A dialogue between varied expressive lexicons, between fluorescence and monochromes, shows Padovani's work as ephemeral and concrete at the same time, imbued with the narrative skills of an archive and those evocative of a magical world regulated by its own rhythms and structures. Graduated in Philosophy and Visual Arts, from the mid-1990s to 2012 she trained and worked as an actress and director in the field of contemporary theatre. At the same time, preferring the use of drawing, installation and performance, she developed her own path as a visual artist that led her to exhibit in personal, collective exhibitions and art fairs of a national and international nature. His works are part of some important collections in Italy and abroad.