Federica Cipriani was born in 1983, in Cento (Italy), and has a BSc in Decoration from the Art Academy of Bologna University. Since 2009, she has been managing the family craftsman company, while undertaking the artistic production, currently focused on harmony, movement and identity.
Shapes and colors are Federica Cipriani's alphabet. Butterflies, fragile and light, make up three-dimensional volumes. The sense of harmony is not only her ultimate goal, but it's also embedded within the process, the time and the space preparation in which she gets lost during production: the hand-cutting of hundreds of shapes, materials processing and their bond together project her into a parallel dimension.
Her work represents the encounter between her artistic and classical studies and artisan hands-on training, between emotions and rationality, between movement and stillness, free chaos and static rigor: discordant stages that all belong to the artist. Inspired by the surrounding unrestrained beauty, with its shapes, colors and poetry, she recently introduced harshness aspects from her daily personal and working experience.
Her technique tends to blend both painting and the 3D of sculpture, reproducing a vivid architecture made of hundreds of nailed paper shapes.