indeclinable adj. [art • ficial, created through art]. - referred to an object that owes its value and its essence to being derived from an artistic object.
The concept behind an artficial object currently refers to the production of clones of artistic objects by means of 3D scans of the original works which are then printed using a 3D printer, with the option of changing the size, material and colour of the object compared to the original.

In a world where technology is constantly striving to digitize our human experience, what risks being lost is the ability to stir the emotions and stimulate our taste for beauty. When machines threaten to overrun even our sense of self, then Art might be able to provide some answers.

Artficial is a team of young visionaries based in Italy who want to exploit their technological know-how to fuel human creativity, in the belief that Beauty is a value that can truly change the world.

Artficial's digital mapping of beauty offers high-tech insight into the past, that can help to shape our future.