Andrea Cagnetti (born 16 March 1967 in Corchiano, Viterbo), known in the artistic world as Akelo, is an Italian goldsmith, designer, and sculptor. He is known for dedicating himself to the research of the ancient techniques used in metalworking. After having obtained a diploma at the Ronciglione state secondary school, with a concentration in scientific studies, Akelo transferred to Rome, where for several years he worked as a graphic artist while continuing to pursue his in-depth studies of texts and documents relating to ancient goldsmithing, metallurgy, and alchemy.

Combining this theoretical understanding with extensive experimentation on materials and techniques, he creates gold objects and makes sculptural objects out of gold, bronze, and iron, using the artistic name of Akelo (from Achelous, Greek god of the waters).

In 2010 the artist created the bronze sculpture "Hope" for the Robert Bresson Prize, given every year at the Venice Film Festival.

Andrea Cagnetti lives in Corchiano, where he also writes scientific articles on the techniques used in goldsmithing.

Andrea Cagnetti – known as Akelo (from "Acheloo", Greek waters divinity) – is an Italian sculptor, designer and goldsmith.
Lots of publications, reviews and television appearances have been already dedicated to Akelo. They all emphasize noto only hid talent and originality, but also the value of his researches which are today taught in many Art Institutes.
Akelo was born in 1967 in Corchiano (Viterbo), a village built over the ancient ruins of the Etruscan city of Fescennia, where the Etruscan people culture is still alive. As a child he was bright up to appreciate art and beauty. As a young man he started his spiritual path and research, wanting to explore the maze of ancient though, through alchemical and esoteric readingruelling metallurgical experimentations.
The Artist defines himself an ancient soul, a Renaissance living in the 21st century, with existential rules base on the mantra "pray, read, read, read, re-read, work and you will find", based on the book Mutus Liber, in the belief that, only through deep passion, discipline and real motivation can one achieve inner elevation and such a level of excellence.
Akelo's works – unique of their kind, proceless and technically inimitable – appear ony in some periods of history and seem to take part in the endless evolution of civilization, such as precious pieces in a jigsaw where past, present and future come in a fluid, linear sequence. They, in-fact, treasure both ancient values and knowledge, and a contemporary identity which is the expression of the Artists visionary view. He, in short, "draws on" the past to "create" the present in a continued projection towards absolute.
Andrea Cagnetti works are shown in national and international exhibitions and, in recent years, some of them have been adquired by important museums and provate collections.