MAUPAL (Mauro Pallotta, Rome 1972) studied at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome. In 2016, MAUPAL has been listed by ARTNET in the top 30 most influential and praised Street Artists in the world. Growing up in a unique city as Rome, which is a centre of both politics and religion, has shaped MAUPAL’s art. Indeed, political, social and humanitarian themes are the core of his art, using satire and irony to highlight current and urgent affairs. 

Since the very beginning, MAUPAL was prone to experiment with different styles and media, trying to connect the subject of his arts to the actual media used by the artist. His initial works use indeed everyday-live objects such as cards, glass and plastic, giving them a new artistic meaning. Later on, MAUPAL starts to use steel wool as his main tool. This material is both the canvas and the principal sculptural mean for his various works. This material gives each subject a uniqueness maintaining the plastic realism of it.  

Having had solo exhibitions in Rome, London and Miami, in 2014 MAUPAL switches his focus of interest to Street Art. His first street work, Super Pope – which shows the newly elected Pope as a possible symbol of modernization within the catholic church – becomes viral and reaches an unprecedented success, reaching different corners of the globe and receive praise in newspapers such as The Guardian, New York Times, Le Monde among others.

Nowadays, MAUPAL works are exposed in galleries all around the globe and he is present in a number of international art fairs.