Kristina Milakovic is a European artist of Italian citizenship, working and residing in Rome. Born in Belgrade in 1976, she enters into resonance with art from a very young age, thanks to her mother: a Serbian self-taught painter who transmits to her, in their home studio, the basics and the first essential approaches to the art world. From 1993 to 1994 she attends the Atelier of the Painter Etela Merc in Belgrade. In 1994 she obtains the "Diploma of the Higher School of Architecture" in Belgrade. From 1994 to 1995 she attends the "Sculpture Course" of Professor Milan Rakocevic in Belgrade and the "Course of Byzantine Iconography" of Professor Slobodan Vitkovic. After moving to Florence to continue her academic studies, she completes her training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she still works today.

In Milakovic's painting there are powerful personal and introspective elements motivated by the gestural sign and the painted material, in the form of landscape memories, doors, windows, stairs and so on, crossed by environmental fragments that sometimes take on decorative reflections with concrete plastic forms and symbolic imprints. The often imaginary cities, the rural landscapes, the details of architectural elements throughout the time of an artistic evolution leave on the canvas less and less evident traces of figurative scent with the structuring of a more properly abstract language, in which a personal trait remains through a strongly emotional painting. Kristina Milakovic's landscapes are pure lyrical abstraction, which she achieves after a path where change is the real constant. With her strongly recognisable stroke, she shapes the space of the canvas recreating memories of introspective landscapes in which environmental and architectural elements merge into timeless plastic organisms. Her painting is instinctive, driven by the emotions that seize the painter suddenly, and the medium on which she expresses herself is often an object of venting and thought. Her art has a broad European scope and does not fit into the canonical definitions of the discipline. It is a continuous journey in search of new islands on which to land.