Bio Alice Padovani


Memory is the point of origin: collective, natural or personal.

To retrieve, to categorise, to fix the moment with a cut are acts of memory, hard struggles to control time, measured through artistic actions.

My work is an “atlas of wonder and melancholy”, a visual diary of loss and retrieval, in which individual pieces try in vain to escape oblivion.

I dig into the beauty of the forms to regain the lost paradise, to find a life that faded away.


A constant research and an unconventional path in the art world leads her to explore and to experience with many differents media, themes and artistic techniques. Padovani has an obsession with death and the passing of time. Her art acts as a kind of visual diary for personal experiences with loss and grief. Ghost-like in their weightlessness, Padovani’s drawings appear to hover on the page, repetitive and process-driven. Similarly, her assemblages and installations possess a purposeful delicacy which gives the impression that they have just been arranged there, only minutes prior to the viewer’s arrival. A mimicking of museological display is evident in her object works with their pins holding small collections of specimens in place.


Alice Padovani was born in 1979 in Italy where she lives and works today. She graduated from the University of Bologna with a Master’s Degree in Philosophy in 2007 and a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts in 2015. Padovani worked as an actor and director in the early 2000s and has an interest in experimental theatre which rears its head in her art practice. Preferring drawing, installation and performance, as a visual artist she takes part in several national and international solo and group exhibitions.


Solo exhibitions:

2016 > 2017 – Vegetal works. Composite installation for ephemeral bodies – Polo Zanotto, University of Verona – Verona (Italy)

2015 – Wunderkammer – Dark Room Gallery – Carpi (Italy)

2015 – Small Compendium of Lost Animals – Sala Dogana – Palazzo Ducale, Genoa (Italy)

2014 – De Rerum Absentia – Camera Bianca, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

2014 – Entoma. Being without blood. Division into segments. Perfection achievedBotanical Garden, Modena (Italy)

2012 – Small Compendium of Lost Animals – first study – Periferico festival, General Warehouse of the Historical Archive of Modena (Italy)

2005 – Writing with Lights, Exhibition room APT, Marina di Massa (Italy)

2004 – Autobiography of oblivion, Mattatoio Culture Club, Carpi  (Italy)

1999 – Solo – La Tenda, Modena (Italy)


Site-specific installation and performances:

2017 – More often, with emphatic value, so sublime – performance for Estense Gallery in occasione of Innesti sul Sacro – Modena (Italy)

2016 – Domino – installation and performance – Mina Studio Gallery – in occasion of Festival Filosofia – Modena (Italy)

2016 – Limes. Geography spawns from hate – installation and performance – European night of museums – Civic Museums – Reggio Emilia (Italy)

2015 – Short story of a hair lock – installation and performance – Oasis contemporary art & performance – Villa Barco Zonca – Arcade, Treviso (Italy)

2015 – 8. Ephemerl work – installation and performance –  European night of museums – Civic Museums – Reggio Emilia (Italy)

2011 – Pop Up – installation – Galleria 42 Contemporaneo – Modena (Italy)

2009 – Stories in the corner –  installation for children – Buk. Fair of small and medium publishing – Modena (Italy)

2007 – Everybody at home. Projects for living installation for Festival Filosofia – 42 Contemporaneo Off Gallery  – Modena (Italy)


Group Exhibitions:

2017 – Is Eva the half of art? – Artesì Gallery – Modena (Italy)

2016 – Arteam Cup 2016 – Palazzo del Monferrato – Alessandria (Italy)

2016 – Nuovi Voli –  Art in tower – Castelnuovo Rangone, Modena (Italy)

2015 – 10x10xMAW – Spazio MAW – Sulmona (Italy)

2015 – Carlo Bonatto Minella Prize – Villa Vallero – Rivarolo, Turin (Italy)

2015 – 6X6 – Galleria all’Angolo – Mendrisio (Switzerland)

2015 – Who art you? 4th edition – Fabbrica del Vapore – Milan (Italy)

2014 – Entoma42° international meeting of entomology, Modena (Italy)

2014 – #seemetakeover 24 Julycollective works projection – Time Square – New York (USA)

2014 – Rezarte TricolorePrize, exhibition of the finalists – Invisible Gallery – Marseille (France)

2014 – Rezarte Tricolore Prize, exhibition of the finalists – Rosemarie Bassi Gallery – Remagen (Germany)

2014 – Casting – Estense Castle – Ferrara (Italy)

2014 – Rezarte Tricolore Prize, exhibition of the finalists – Km 119 – Reggio Emilia (Italy)

2013 – Third Contemporary Exhibition – Casa dei Carraresi, Treviso (Italy)

2013 – Consumption – Spazio Gerra, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

2013 – Art in Contemporary Third Edition – Arte su Carte Gallery, Modena (Italy)

2001 – Young European Art, Visconti Castle, Pavia (Italy)

2000 – Etra – Exhibition Hall in San Francesco, Modena (Italy)