MauPal portraitFrom the Washington Post to Yahoo News International, to the Chicago Tribune and Le Monde, just to name a few, in recent years MauPal is among the most representative Italian artists both in Europe and beyond the Ocean.
In 2014 his work was streamed on the big screens in Seoul, Korea and it is in 2016 the great London success for the graffiti “The Yoga Queen”, a fun and iconic representation of His Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
In addition to being a renowned Street Artist, Mauro Pallotta grown from classical studies, and in the last twenty years he has refined a very personal technique and style, using acrylic spray (as used in murals) on steel wool, with precision and skill. Pallotta’s work always has strong socio-political references.
“The “Romans” collection of works is a “research, as well as pictorial, even historical. In the biographical journey of the most illustrious figures of ancient Rome, there are often incredible parallels with the times we are living. In addition to telling the character ironically and satirically, my purpose is to synthesize some elements that can create oxymorons or parallels with the current situation that surrounds us”. He has recently been the protagonist of events such as “The World Travel Market – London” with the site-specific installation “Bagaglio a mano” and Miami Art Basel.

The works – ROMANS The series consists of seven works, all made with the same technique as steel wool and acrylic spray. They portray seven characters of the imperial age, revisited in a superb key of POP-STREET ART.