Bio MauPal

Mauro Pallotta has been in every big international newspaper from the Washington Post to Yahoo News International, The Chicago Tribune and France’s Le Monde to name a few. In August 2014 his works were displayed on maxi screens in Seoul during Pope Francis’ visit of South Korea.

Predominantly using acrylic spray on wool steel, MauPal’s artwork holds strong social and political value. Portraits such as ‘Islam’ and ‘Hitchcock’ represent the artist’s temperament and sensibility as he draws on the topics of religion and mainstream culture.

The artwork that launched MauPal’s prominence was his giant street painting of Pope Francis, positioned at a side road, just steps away from the Vatican. To accompany his ‘Pope Francis’ mural, the artist’s choice to exhibit in London holds particular relevance, as his next big painting paid homage to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Burgeoning into one of the great art hubs of London, the Meliá White House Hotel previewed three of MauPal’s paintings during ARTROOMS2015 including his celebrated portrait of Alfred Hitchcock. In the aftermath of his extraordinary street mural of ‘Pope Francis’, this exhibition provided a glimpse into the mind of an artist who is fast growing in stature and reputation. Maupal presented also the new “Apes” project.

Selected Exhibitions:


– Ritratti di Poesia 2015, Tempio di Adriano, Rome, Italy

– Artrooms, Melia White House, London, UK


– “Rome Film Festival”, Hotel Marriott Via Veneto, Rome

– “Souvenir”, MAXXI Museum, Rome

– Since 1928, Le Dame Art Gallert, Notting Hill, London, UK

– Live performance at Jazzitfest, Collescipoli, Italy

– Street Art Group Exhibition, Via Fanfulla da Lodi, “Io so i nomi”, Rome, Italy


– Laranarossa Gallery, “People have the power”, Latina, Italy

– King’s University of London, Tutu’s Gallery, MU*SA,“Euphoria”, London, UK.


– “Natale al Bioparco”, Rome Zoo, Rome, Italy

– Ca’ Zanardi, Sala del Bucintoro, “Quando l’eroe è donna!”, Venice, Italy


– Galleria Rilievi, “SoWeART“, Rome, Italy 


– Galleria Monocromo, “Art-Verona-Fiera”, Verona, Italy

– D’ARS Foundation, “Energia degli sguardi”, Milan, Italy 


– Galleria J.P. Perrier, “Mexico5”, Barcelona, Spain

– Graç, “VirtualPermanentShow”, Barcelona, Spain


– Galleria Monocromo, “Art-Verona-Fiera”, Verona, Italy 

– Volunteering project, “Airport school of Tuko Pamoja ONLUS, Mombasa, Kenya.


– Galleria Monocromo, “Confronti“, Rome, Italy

– Opera-Lab, “Oro-Capital“, Rome, Italy

– “RipaArteNapoli“, Galleria Monocromo, Naples, Italy


– Galleria Monocromo, Rome, Italy

– “RipaArte“, Galleria Monocromo, Rome, Italy 


– “Pace“, Magnolia, Rome, Italy


– “RipaArte“, Galleria Misterart, Rome, Italy

– “Red Sea“, Christine Gallery, Dahab, Sinai, Egipt

– “Mangiamoci“, Galleria Misterart, Rome, Italy


– “Il Gioco“, Galleria Extra, Rome, Italy


– “Nomad Art“, Galleria Ripa Arte Hotel, Rome, Italy