Call for Artists

Le Dame Art Gallery is calling for talented artists to showcase for 3 months in London.

Artists of all ages and career paths, and from any country are invited to submit up to 5 art works and those selected will be exhibited at Meliá White House Hotel in Regent’s Park.

Each artwork (including if made of several pieces, e.g. diptychs/triptychs) must not exceed a total of 100cm x 100cm (including the frame) and must not be smaller than 50 x 50cm.

The exhibiting artworks will be promoted on Le Dame website and social media.

To apply please email your cv together with an high res – 72 dpi image of the proposed works via email to:

When selected, the artist will pay a fee of £ 50 per submitted artwork (up to a max of 5 artworks). Delivery and collection are at the expense of the artist.

Terms and Conditions


There are no restrictions based on age, training or nationality.

Must not have exclusive representation.

Can submit up to 5 different artworks, of any medium from paintings, photography, mosaic, mixed media. Digital art and sculptures are not allowed.

Must be the owner and the work(s) submitted are of their own origination. The Artist must hold all moral and intellectual property rights.

The organisers will not be liable for any loss or damage to any artworks physically submitted at any point, however caused either in transit to and from the exhibition, or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, exhibition or in any period in which the work is in their keeping.

We recommend that the Artist takes out insurance to cover the artwork, especially in transit and while at the organisers or sponsors premises.

When selected, the artist will pay an entry fee of £ 50 per artwork up to a max of 5 artworks.

Artist accept that all work submitted will be available for sale in the exhibition(s) and on our website until the end of the period, the artwork is collected by the Artist, and that the organisers will take a commission of 20%.

The organiser will take payment from the buyer of the artwork and, once payment is received, will pay the artist minus the 20% commission on total sale price.

Once registered, all Artists agree that we may reproduce their work (at no fee and not for resale) only in association with the exhibition now and in the future (including press/publicity/website and catalogue and any other printed or digital material, advertising the exhibitions and future entries).

Artists agree to be placed on our mailing lists for our email newsletters and any other information that we may send you.

Please note that we do not offer refunds for entries.


A maximum of 5 artworks per Artist may be entered. Only one image of each work must be submitted.

The image(s) submitted must accurately portray the artwork and the Artist must be its creator.

The image(s) must be submitted via email and payment made once the artwork has been selected.


Paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, and mixed media constructions are accepted.

Digital art, Sculptures, Video art, sound art are not accepted.

Each artwork (including if made of several pieces, e.g. diptychs/triptychs) must not exceed a total of 100cm x 100cm (including the frame) and must not be smaller than 50 x 50cm.


All work submitted must be available for sale. The Artist’s recommended sales prices should be carefully considered and at a sensible market value (the organisers can assist with valuations), as this will help effectively promote the Artist and their career.

Le Dame Art Gallery maintains a reputation for high quality and tasteful exhibitions, therefore reserving the right to refuse any exhibits we feel are unsuitable. The gallery will not consider any images depicting nudity as well any depiction of sexual acts or graphic and pornographic content is not permitted. Equally, material which is demeaning to women, racist, offensive to religious beliefs, homophobic, supports extreme political views or denigrates older or disabled people is unacceptable.