Coming Soon… Photo House Competition

Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to announce the first edition of its Photo House Photography Competition.Having been scouting emerging artists over the past three years as a Contemporary Art Gallery in London and following the success of ‘Artrooms’, the International Art Fair for Independent Artists hosted at the Meliá White House Hotel, we are excited to open the doors to the most popular visual media, Photography, with this international competition aiming to extend our art gallery’s collection including a new photography section.

‘On a journey’ is the theme of this year.

The competition offers all talented photographers the chance to show their unique vision, to communicate their different ways of seeing the world and also to become part of this collection.

 Photo House, Board



100% Abstract

Le Dame Art Gallery is delighted to present 100% Abstract, a new collective show set from the 2nd of February 2017 to 12th of March 2017 at the Meliá White House in Regent’s Park.

Join us and discover Abstract Art throughout the work of emerging artists from all over the world with different backgrounds, cultures and techniques.

We are looking forward to see you all!

Featuring artists:

Alexia d’Onofrio


Angelika Millmaker

Belen Velasco

Blandine Martin

Damien Diaz


Emily Blackmore

Blackmore_Follow My Thoughts_2016_Mixed Media_76cmx56cm_£1,200

Blackmore_Follow My Thoughts_2016_Mixed Media_76cmx56cm_£1,200










Fintan Whelan

Franco Fasulo

Gavin Mc Clafferty


Gunther Jancke


Jamie Gray

Above, Below, Aside_2016_ Acrylic and charcoal_100x100cm_£1,000

Above, Below, Aside_2016_ Acrylic and charcoal_100x100cm_£1,000












Jodie Walters


Jordi Rosado

Giving birth_2017_ Photo on methacrylate_70x100cm_ £1,750

Giving birth_2017_ Photo on methacrylate_70x100cm_ £1,750












Keiko Yanagisawa

Laura Burke


Laura Elliott

Dodge Punk'd viper_2017_Mixed media_91x91cm_£695

Dodge Punk’d viper_2017_Mixed media_91x91cm_£695












Leah Michelle


Leszek Blyszczynski

Good Weather_2015_Mixed media on canvas_ 100x100cm_£1,500

Good Weather_2015_Mixed media on canvas_ 100x100cm_£1,500












Lynne Godina Orme


Mark Harris



Natasha Dijkhoff




Paul Squire

The receptive full_2016_Mixed media_100x100cm_£845

The receptive full_2016_Mixed media_100x100cm_£845












Saliha El Houssaini

Domino Effect 3_2015_Acrylic on canvas_100x100cm_£900

Domino Effect 3 _2015_Acrylic on canvas_100x100cm_£900












Samuel O’ Brien

Metamorphic Vein_2016_Digital paint_100x100cm_£800

Metamorphic Vein_2016_Digital paint_100x100cm_£800


USEUM Exhibition

Le Dame Art Gallery and USEUM are delighted to announce that throughout October they will host the first exhibition witnessing the collaboration between the prestigious gallery and the rapidly growing online art platform. The aim of this synergy is to bring emerging talent in the areas of painting, drawing and illustration from the Internet to the heart of the art world in London.

USEUM, “The World’s Art Museum”, is a new platform where all artists are given the opportunity to promote their work and stand out on a global scale, exhibiting already more than 2,000 participant painters and illustrators from 100 countries. Le Dame Art Gallery, capitalising upon the media spotlight occupied by Le Dame after the success of ARTROOMS 2015, and with its prime location in the thriving arts hub that is the Melia White House, offers all these artists the opportunity to exhibit at the perfect venue in London.

For this first USEUM Exhibition no overarching – or restricting – theme has been selected. Instead, a focus on the aesthetic merits of art has been chosen, with each of the successful submissions emphasising the diversity of approaches practiced and ideas sought by artists on an international scale. For USEUM Founder and Managing Director, Foteini Valeonti, the showcase marks, ‘our privilege to live in an era where painting is not dominated by a single movement, but instead accommodates the flourishing of many different styles, subjects, themes, art movements and artists of various backgrounds.

23 artists from 16 countries from 4 continents have been selected to join in USEUM’s debut at Le Dame Art Gallery. The inaugural event will take place on Tuesday the 6th of October at 18.30 in The Albany Suite at The LEVEL. All art works are available for purchase.

Title: USEUM Exhibition

Artworks: Link

Dates: 7th of October – 7th of November