Dario Moschetta

Italian artist Dario Moschetta finds his inspiration from the natural beauty of people and from “the effort to try to understand people’s mood by looking at their face or at the movements of their bodies”.

HIs mixed media works involve various techniques he has developed and experimented instinctively, using collage and acrylic paint on paper and on canvas.

There is always a part of “randomness” in his creation process which provides the profound and unique meaning to each of his work. “Before starting a new work, the image I want to obtain comes from a heap of images or footage in my head. It’s like I’m directing a movie and I can choose from all those frames at my disposal.”

Dario Moschetta’s work can be found in the following Public Collections:

Gruppo Unipol Milano, Urban Up Velasca Milano, Audi Exhibition Milano Fiera.

A printed edition of NY18 will appear in the upcoming episodes of famous America TV Show “House of Cards”

Dario Moschetta NY 18 2017 Mixed Media 78 x 118 cm

To request info about the original work or to order a Limited Edition signed by the artist, please email: contact@ledameartgallery.com

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