DOMUM : The External Explosion

DOMUM – The external explosion


The facades of the buildings have always been at the center of Virginio's photographic work on great metropolis. The author observes the details and immortalizes them almost obsessed, imagines the swarming of life inside buildings, skyscrapers, business centers and through his multifaceted images he wants to represent not a single vision but a collective consciousness. Domum is an integral part of the Tokyo 365 project. An incessant research on the Japanese capital that Virginio Favale has been carrying on for twenty-one years and that is about to see the light at museum level in view of the Tokyo Olympics.

The complexity and uniqueness of the Japanese metropolis is contextualized in the cosmopolitan vision of an Italian artist. The stylistic, anthropological and socio-cultural retrospective opens a bridge that starts from Italy and carries us to Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Tokyo, the city of records, becomes central to Virginio Favale's obsessive search for great metropolis. Immense complex adaptive systems that move around non-permanent centers of gravity. An immense hive, a geometry of architecture, people, lives, thoughts, immersed in the flow of time. Tokyo 365 is an epiphany where sensibility and culture, Italian and Japanese, are mirrored and interpenetrating, enriching each other, through an incessant twenty-one years of research. The work is composed of eleven thematic pillars, eleven satellites that gravitate around the space-time axis of the author. Apparently distant and dissonant worlds, but intimately connected and consequential. The undisputed protagonist is Time, in its symmetries and paradoxes and how, compressing and expanding, it permeates our consciousness. An itinerant exhibition path, ranging from analogical to digital. Three cycles of seven years that recount the change and transformation of the largest conurbation on the planet. The journey is completed with the artistic film "Tokyo 365" which, as in a musical work, gives the title to the entire project. The loneliness of the artist recounts Tokyo in time, through its urban junctions, a network of connection of a collective consciousness. Roads, tracks, electric cables as gigantic synapses. Thoughts, emotions, become metaphysical lines that transform geographical points into a single living picture. Silent dialogues of souls connected through a communication network. Subjective moments made eternal, kidnapped by the shamanic ability of the author who immortalizes fragments of solitude trapped in an invisible web. In this exploration time harmonizes, amplifies, finds dignity, remembering in every shot how important every moment is. A dialectic of visionary images always different, creating a new aesthetic, universal and archetypal avant-garde, asserting technology to perception.