Gianfranco Valleriani

Journalist, video art curator and researcher in visual communication, Gianfranco Valleriani is actually Associate Director and Curator of Le Dame Art Gallery (London), Founder and Director of Brain Art UK Ltd (London), Adviser of Wolf Vostell Estate (Germany).

Chief Editor of several international magazines, he wrote hundreds articles and surveys on cultural issues, essays and books on communication and arts.

Member of the Italian Order of Journalists, since 1987, he was Càlamo Comunicazione founder and director for over 20 years, a consulting company in communication. He was advisor for top managers and international Corporations.

Director for Organizations operating in the cultural and communication sectors, he taught in Universities and Institutions, and had speech for international Institutions, included the Tate Modern in London.

He cooperated with the Chinese Art Foundation “Hafnia Foundation”, for which he produced “After Nothing”, a 50-minute video documentary shot in China, experimenting new forms of visual narrative.

His mixed media installation “Extended Blue” was exhibited at the Macro, Contemporary Art Museum in Rome (December 2017 – January 2018),

Valleriani is currently video art curator for many international events, including The Artrooms Fairs (London, Rome, Korea) and MACRO, Contemporary Art Museum Rome.