Founded by Cristina Cellini Antonini and Chiara Canal, Le Dame Art Gallery first opened in Notting Hill and moved to the new venue at the Meliá White House Hotel in 2014. The team has spent the last years turning the building into a giant Art Hub for emerging artists. This forward-thinking gallery has earned a reputation for sourcing the finest up-and-coming artists, whose works have been commissioned or acquired by public, corporate and private collections.

The gallery works with Museums and Foundations, representing Art Estates and families of some leading Italian artists, whose collections include Italian artists from the ‘60s and the ‘70s such as Rotella, Fontana, Angeli, Festa and Pistoletto.

Today, Le Dame Ltd specialises in Art and Hospitality, with thousands of visitors at our gallery spaces in London and Rome.
Our Clients engage with exhibitions of Italian and international contemporary art, and enjoy a vast range of special events throughout the year.
Since 2018, we have been operating under the brands Le Dame Art Gallery and Le Dame Hospitality Art, partnering with companies such as the Meliá White House and The Baglioni Hotel in London and Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology, and The Church Palace in Rome.

Among other projects, they have been also producing and directing the Artrooms Fairs (London – Rome – Seoul).

The programmes of exhibitions are  curated by Gianfranco Valleriani.

“Crypto Connection – by Federico Clapis, powered by Eidoo”. Crowds gather to capture the imposing 3m bronze addition to London’s skyline at Southbank’s Observation Point #cryptoconnection (PRNewsfoto/Eidoo)

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