Domenico Pasqua was born in Reggio Calabria and is an Italian and Belgian citizen. He studied architecture at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza', where he graduated cum laude in 1985. After his professional qualification, he worked as architect mainly for Residential projects. Since 1990, he also worked as photographer for a studio in New York specialising in works on commissioned for International museums.
As an artist, he had his first group show at the age of 18, in Florence. Since then, he has always been pursuing his artistic research. Preferring abstract together with an experimentalism in the use of materials and thus alternating expressive research of various kinds. Currently his art is greatly influenced both by Architecture and Photography and in the mutual influences towards paintings.
In 2019 he participated in the 'Artrooms Awards', International Art Competition, winning the first prize with the work 'The Children of Mont Abu'. He currently lives between Rome and Antwerpen where he opened a new studio in 2015.