Domenico Pasqua: Art Eindhoven

12 - 13 September 2020

Three triptychs for a contemporary polyptych

Domenico Pasqua | Art Eindhoven 2020

12 – 13 Settembre 2020

Le Dame Art Gallery is pleased to present the last work by Domenico Pasqua at Art Eindhoven 2020. In this occasion the artist’s personal contemporary polyptych will be exhibited. The idea of three triptychs was born as, in Domenico’s opinion, “it always retains a double gaze: a quote with a sense of admiration towards the great masters of the past and a critical eye towards our contemporary reality”.

Over the years, and already from the university period, studying the great masters of architecture and in particular Alvar Aalto, Domenico Pasqua interiorized an evergreen lesson: in art the invention, also if it is necessary, does not necessarily have to turn away the past. The creation of a contemporary polyptych came as a result of that lesson: the importance of considering the contemporary world with an eye to the topics covered by the great masters of the history of painting.

The artist chose the greatest recurring themes in Western art and selected religious ones for two reasons: first they were present in most artists for historical reasons or for received commissions; also they dealt with issues that are still relevant today because they are linked to human nature actually. The choice of themes was above all linked to that relationship with contemporaneity that deeply interested the artist research, to the point that became the main subject of the work.

The selection of the artists was instead linked only to the pure feeling of admiration. In this sense the painting is made of “quotations” that united interests, aesthetic results and executive techniques. Epochs, styles, and places of belonging were supposed to be on the same level with only one purpose: to understand how some themes remained unchanged over time and across cultures.

While citing masterpieces the artist decided not to change anything from the original but only to select characters and situations connected with the themes he wanted to deal with; in those 'quotations' Pasqua used the same original painting techniques but in the rest of the work he felt free to change them following his intimate inspiration.

The polyptych is made up of three triptychs detached from each other but designed to be seen together side by side. Each triptych is composed of three panels with upper and lower opening. All panels are oil paints on cotton canvas. The frames are made with the traditional 'gilding' method on beech wood.

Domenico Pasqua was born in Reggio Calabria and is an Italian and Belgian citizen. He studied architecture at the University of Rome 'La Sapienza', where he graduated cum laude in 1985. After his professional qualification, he worked as an architect mainly for residential projects. Since 1990, he also worked as a photographer in New York City.

As an artist, he had his first group show at the age of 18 in Florence. Since then, he has always been pursuing his artistic research. He always preferred abstract painting together with an experimentalism in the use of materials. Currently his art is greatly influenced both by Architecture and Photography. In 2019 he took part at the 'Artrooms Awards' International Art Competition, winning the first prize with the work 'The Children of Mont Abu'. He currently lives between Rome and Antwerpen where he opened a new studio in 2015.

The art fair will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September 2020 in the Klokgebouw, Eindhoven. Come to discover Domenico Pasqua at the boot 97.

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Settembre 8, 2020