• Andrea Cagnetti (born 16 March 1967 in Corchiano, Viterbo), known in the artistic world as Akelo, is an Italian goldsmith, designer, and sculptor. He is known for dedicating himself to the research of the ancient techniques used in metalworking. After having obtained a diploma at the Ronciglione state secondary school, with a concentration in scientific studies, Akelo transferred to Rome, where for several years he worked as a graphic artist while continuing to pursue his in-depth studies of texts and documents relating to ancient goldsmithing, metallurgy, and alchemy.

    Combining this theoretical understanding with extensive experimentation on materials and techniques, he creates gold objects and makes sculptural objects out of gold, bronze, and iron, using the artistic name of Akelo (from Achelous, Greek god of the waters).

    In 2010 the artist created the bronze sculpture "Hope" for the Robert Bresson Prize, given every year at the Venice Film Festival.

    Andrea Cagnetti lives in Corchiano, where he also writes scientific articles on the techniques used in goldsmithing.

  • Wave functions Ψ

    "The wave function that describes quantum processes is a symbol: a symbol of real correspondence between the microcosm and the macrocosm to which we belong".

    The aesthetic and philosophical research of Andrea Cagnetti - Akelo starts from very far away, giving life to an articulated path, supported by studies in the most disparate fields, broading from vitalism to restlessness, through past, present and future. From a very young age, he focusses on art, Greek-Latin literature and alchemical texts, and above all on ancient technologies concerning ceramics, medicine and the processing of glass stones and fabrics and, in particular, metallurgy. How, moreover, his creations testify: from precious jewels made with Etruscan goldsmithing techniques and composed of thousands of infinitesimal pieces, to steel sculptures, which now praise classicism, now to the most daring abstraction. Extremely different works - confirming an eclecticism and a breadth of vision that are rare on the contemporary art scene - but permeated by a single goal: the search for Beauty and Harmony. A research that, in recent times, Akelo has been leading towards Science and that has been allowing him to enter a new phase of his production.