Merry Christmas!

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To celebrate Christmas, Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology – and Le Dame Art Gallery are delighted to present “8 Christmas Tales”, a group exhibition featuring 8 Italian artists: Sebastiano Bianco, Paolo Campagnolo, Gabriela Herma, Mauro Magni, Patrizia Montedoro, Alice Padovani, Fiorenzo Zaffina, and Pietro Zucca.

We have assigned each artist a Christmas tale and asked them to create a contemporary work, reinterpreting the traditions from the Middle Age and Renaissance, from the Italian and British legends to the Northern myths from Scandinavia.

But this artistic project is definitely something more than just a show! Christmas celebrates children and we want take this occasion to invite all our Guests to join Saving Tiny Hearts Society

When acquiring a piece from this exhibition, you contribute to the Saving Tiny Hearts Society.

The Artist, the tale and the work…

Sebastiano Bianco – Yule Mumming from Scandinavia

B.S.P. 11
Fine Art Print - 66cm x 100cm
Euro 2.400

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Paolo Campagnolo – Christmas in a Renaissance Court

Dyptich - Mixed Media - 60cm x 60cm/ 60cm x 60cm
Euro 5.600 / Euro 10.640

Gabriela Herma – The Christmas’ Bishop

Il Vescovo di Natale
Mixed Media - 100cm x70cm
Euro 3.000

Mauro Magni – The Krampus

Preghiera (Prayer)
Mixed Media - 80cm x 60cm
Euro 3.400

Patrizia Montedoro – The Christmas’ Banquet

Il Banchetto (The Feast)
Oil on Canvas - 70cm x 90cm
Euro 2.000

Alice Padovani – Dice and football games from France

Storia di un gioco indecifrabile (History of an indecipherable game)
Mixed Media - 70cm x 100cm
Euro 3.900

Fiorenzo Zaffina – Presepi in Italy

Scavo su Plexiglass - 111,5cm x 12,2cm x 14cm
Euro 7.000

Pietro Zucca – Trolls of Iceland

Iron - 70cm x 100cm
Euro 3.900

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The Charity is passionately dedicated to eliminating Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) as a major health concern by funding revolutionary life saving research for the #1 Birth Defect worldwide, to improve, prolong and save the lives of countless children born with CHD.

For this upcoming Christmas, Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology – Le Dame Art Gallery and all artists come together to support children from all over the world.

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You can contribute to the cause by acquiring one of the 8 works from the show or simply following this link to DONATE to Saving Tiny Hearts Society.

Let’s celebrate Christmas together!