Paolo Campagnolo: KCAW - Kensington Chelsea Art Week

1 - 10 October 2020

A Constant Becoming by Paolo Campagnolo

Opening: 1 October 2020


Le Dame Art Gallery at Baglioni Hotel is very pleased to announce an exhibition of the iconic work by Paolo Campagnolo on view from Thursday, 1 October, through Saturday, 10 October 2020. The event will be inaugurated concomitantly with the Kensington and Chelsea Art Week and will be included in the program of cultural initiatives. Kensington + Chelsea Art Week celebrates the rich heritage of the borough by opening doors to local creative spaces along with leading organisations in the area to facilitate further public engagement in the local culture.

“A Constant Becoming” presents a sophisticated branch of Campagnolo’s research about the idea of transformation. For this exhibition, the artist investigates the concept of mutation as an initiatory path towards spiritual awakening, mainly referring to the Ovidian idea of transformation: “everything changes, we also change with things”. His works are reimagined in a perpetual flow as continuous chemical syntheses. A sense of regeneration is caused by the refraction in resonance with the environment.

Paolo Campagnolo is a Roman artist in continuous evolutionary research. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. From 1989 to 1995 he lived between London, Berlin, and Rome, all the while in search of new pictorial languages. The diversity of the works produced by Campagnolo in this period can be witnessed in the artist’s continual usage of new types of media in different forms of art, which the artist assembled and then abandoned in places where the passage of time and the natural process of decomposition which it provokes could take their toll. Through experimentation, carried out during his academic studies and with his interior design works while traveling around the most beautiful cities in the world, he could achieve his creative idea indeed.

Campagnolo works the canvas as a material to be molded, by raising it to a constant becoming through light. On the canvas, he creates the colors and in his later production, material changes according to both light and environment in which the work is immersed. The artist exploits the potential of apparently distant materials such as metal and canvas to create her supple and shining works. Pigmented glues, gold and silver leaves, metals are attacked by the action of acids for coloring on the canvas.

Case and action are intertwined in the swirling search for a semantic language that finds in the reflected light the ideal deus ex machina to communicate with the observer. Three-dimensionality is inspired by the contemporary Expanded Painting, meanwhile the lesson of Lucio Fontana's Spatialism emerges in the use of canvas no longer as a support but as a material. The surfaces react at both light and the surrounding environment. It would be impossible to resist to the sense of regeneration caused by the refraction and its lighting effects.

Come to visit the gallery during the KCAW 2020 at Baglioni Hotel60 Hyde Park Gate, London SW7 5BB

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September 8, 2020