Lichena Bertinato, Photographer and Curator

A London based fine-art photographer and curator, Lichena is a humanities graduate with a thesis in Literature and Photography from the University of Padua. She was awarded a distinction in her postgraduate diploma in Photography from the London College of Communication (UAL) and her photographs have been exhibited in Italy, the UK, Poland and the USA. Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to include her in its team as a curator of Photography.



Cristina Cellini Antonini, Founder and Director of Artrooms and Le Dame Art Gallery

Cristina is a respected arts industry veteran who has organised arts festivals in Italy and worked across several continents. She first saw the ‘art rooms’ concept in South East Asia and was inspired to bring it to Europe. London was chosen as the perfect destination for the launch of her first art fair due to its standing in the arts industry. Cristina is also the founder of Le Dame Art Gallery (London) with approx 2000 sq meters exhibition space of contemporary art.


Chiara Canal, Founder and Director of Le Dame Art Gallery and Deputy Director of Artooms

Chiara has worked in Rome as a Production Assistant for popular theatre companies and more recently in all the major London West End theatres since 2008. Her love for art in all its aspects, led to the creation of Le Dame Art Gallery with Cristina Cellini Antonini in 2011.