Text by Monica Caiti. Translation from Italian by Louise Mayr

In a time such as ours, in which everything is consumed (or destroyed) with voracious speed, it is difficult to explain the mystery of a young man – Andrea Cagnetti, art name Akelo – who dedicates his life to an artistic vocation. But his life is not weaved with the desire to be the centre of attention, to be worldly, or with travel and convulsive movements, as often happens. It is instead cultivated in a monastic retreat, in the silence of studying almost completely forgotten ancient texts and in total dedication to an infinite series of minute gestures couched in a microcosm beyond reach; that of unique, timeless jewels and cutting-edge sculptures.

All without ever falling into temptation… technological temptation, like a real renaissance man – who wanted to isolate himself in his tiny workshop – as he feels he is and he is. It is difficult to explain or even to understand all this. One needs to live it. In these pages, though, we are trying to penetrate a little deeper into the mysterious and fascinating universe of this artist.