Video Art Meeting Curated by Gianfranco Valleriani

Organised by Le Dame Art Gallery and Brain Art

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International trends of the Video Art, starting from a retrospective on Wolf Vostell, from the Fluxus Movement to Fabrizio Plessi, exploring the works of contemporary artists.

Wolf Vostell, “VOSTELL ROOM”
Some historical videos of the German artist will be presented exclusively. Leading figure of the Fuxus Movement, his videos, along with those of the Korean Nam June Paik, are at the base of the birth of video art in the world.

Day 1 – Video art and women poetry

The first thematic stage takes into consideration the female universe with the works of video artists from Iran, Italy, and Argentina.

Tahmineh Monzavi – Iran, Maria Angela Capossela – Italy, Leyla Rodriguez – Argentina – Claudia Quintieri – Italy

Day 2 – Video art between image and sound
The theme will be that of the relationship between image and sound, with live experiments.

Browzan – UK,  Amptek Alex Marenga – Italy

Day 3 – Video art, graphics, de / collage
Two artists who have made from collage their expression of video art, starting from photos, film clips, graphic elaborations.

Eduardo Fiorito – Italy, claRa apaRicio yoldi – Spain

Day 4 – Consciousness and emotions in Video Art

The last day is dedicated to the relationship between the aspects of political and social commitment, of which video art has been one of the most common languages, and those linked more to the aesthetic and emotional dimension of visual language.
The day will be an original dialogue of great interest among one of the most trendy collective of the language of contemporary video art, Nastivicious – which contains graphics, collage, urban music, all between individual conscience and social denunciation – and the great master of Italian art video, Fabrizio Plessi, pioneer of the fluid and installative language of Italian video art.

Nastivicious – Nastio Mosquito (Angola), Vic Pereiro (Spagna) and Fabrizio Plessi, Italy

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