Sales Code of Conduct

Our Sales Code of Conduct

Le Dame Art Gallery is committed to quality art and professional service. Before you purchase art, please consider the following:

  • Buy what you love. Do not buy for financial investment or speculation.
  • Meet artists when possible, or visit us during the ARTROOMS Fair to discover the person behind the work, and his/her artistic research and achievements.
  • Visit galleries and see different styles.
  • Before purchasing, ask all possible info about the work and the artist.
  • Request certificate of authenticity and buy only from established dealers who will stand behind the work sold and support the artist career.
  • Art is available at all price levels, you can visit Le Dame Art Gallery at any time. You will find over 250 works from emerging artists. Prices vary from £ 500 up to £ 50,000. We will be delighted to organise a curator-led tour for you and your friends.

We aim to earn your confidence and trust, in the hope that you choose us when it comes to starting or adding to your art collection.