From the Artrooms Fair to Le Dame Art Gallery, American artist Brian Huber and the elegance of natural patterns

Le Dame Art Gallery is delighted to present American artist Brian Huber in his first UK Solo Show. Brian’s work is based on the abstraction of landscapes, architectural elements and the impact of man on the natural world. Raised in New Orleans, Brian was influenced not only by an unconstrained culture and the rhythmic motions of blues and jazz, but also an environment where hurricanes could change or destroy everything in minutes.

Brian transforms landscapes and man made forms into something new.  His pieces represent physical changes on a grand scale —anything from the construction of a beautiful building to the devastation of a man-made disaster.

Brian cuts and manipulates giant sheets of acrylic paint to create the distinctively sculptural texture of his pieces. The constant change of light and shadow alters the color and pattern of his creations, breathing life into them.

Brian Huber_Parkroad (Braided series)_91x91cm

The show will present the Braided and Circle Back series investigating the way we consume reality, playing with light and shadow on wrought ironwork found throughout New Orleans. An abstracted interpretation of the braided rivers and glacial moraines of the Denali Alaska landscape is the focus of Braided.

In January 2017, Brian was among the 70 artists selected for the Artrooms Fair, gaining recognition among collectors and galleries. He recently was shown at the Los Angeles Art Fair and the Palm Springs Art Fair and has an upcoming solo shows in San Miguel de Allende Mexico and Mexico City.

Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to invite London’s art lovers to discover the ultimate elegance of Brian’s works.

The Private View is set on the 25th of April and the exhibition will run until the 3rd of June 2017.

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Unfinished Self Project

Le Dame Gallery is delighted to present the “Unfinished self” a project by artist Martin Robert Reed. The show features new mixed media paintings that explore self-portraiture and the human condition.

As humans we are persistently engaged in thought and our emotions govern our existence, these attributes contribute to what inspires us, yet it is our action our physical motion that directly interprets our response to stimulus. In this regard the drawing/painting process becomes Reed’s main concern, as this is the direct link with our human physicality and our presence. It is this physicality in his drawings/paintings that he believes makes a direct connection to the viewer.

“Through paint it is my intention to immerse the viewer in reality. Not just my own reality as an artist, or the paintings’ reality, but for the viewer to ask questions about their own reality” says Martin R. Reed.

Figuration underpins his paintings and is the main concern, the human condition, consciousness and existence. The fascination with human sophistication and our complex journey, a complex journey that ends unfinished.


“Unfinished Self” Project – 1st – 30th September 2016

 The artist will attend the Private View on the 6th of September from 6pm to 9pm.

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Exodus 9 June to 6 July

Le Dame Art Gallery are delighted to present EXODUS, an installation of 15 mannequins by artist Franco Nonnis.

With this exhibition, the artist continues his personal investigation on human beings. As a starting point, Franco has asked himself a simple question: are people’s choices driven by curiosity, interest or necessity? With a great sense of empathy, Franco has given life to this installation that aims to represent the journey of migrants through time and space. Their stories, their hopes, their lives.


“In the last years, we have been witnessing the landing of migrants on Italian coast from Africa and other Mediterranean countries. These people desperately try to flee from war and starvation. Too often, their exodus turns into a tragedy and men, women and children die in the attempt to reach a land that was supposed to be safe. Most people have a hard time facing and accepting it, including myself”, says Franco Nonnis. “Since 2015, I have been working on a project called FUGA (ESCAPE), to tell the stories behind many refugees. At the same time, I wanted to denounce the inadequacy of the Italian political class and the fact that our country was also becoming a land to escape from. Too many young Italians are in fact leaving their home country in the attempt to find abroad the opportunity to build a better future. Denying someone’s future or hope is simply unacceptable”.

To give life to this installation, Franco delved also into his origins, into the stories of his ancestors and friends. People who faced difficulties and deprivation, but still maintained their ethos and found strength in their memories and in the need to pass them on the new generations. Those people and their choices made Franco what he is today. Those people are the inhabitants of Franco’s home village, Desulo, a place in the mountains of Gennargentu in Sardinia, whose name reminds of the Latin world “exulis” (exile).

EXODUS is a story of a journey for a better future.

“Given how politically contentious the issues of immigration and EU free movement have become, this exhibition can be also seen as a contribution to the debate on Brexit” say the gallery directors Cristina Cellini Antonini and Chiara Canal, both Italians living in London for many years, “We trust that through Art, we will be able to suggest another interesting angle on a very hot topic”.

The exhibition is supported by the town of Desulo (Italy).


ADDRESS: Le Dame Gallery at White Meliá Hotel, Albany Street, Regent's Park, London NW1 3UP
OPENING HOURS: Mon to Fri 10am to 6pm – Saturday from 12 noon to 6pm. Sunday by appointment only
TELEPHONE: 0044 (0) 7947653530
PRIVATE VIEW: Thursday, 9th of June from 6pm to 9pm



Quiet Explosions

Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to present the first UK solo exhibition of the Italian artist Maria Ràcana Terracciano. The exhibition presents the artist’s research on time and space exploring the dichotomy between the calm and turmoil of human nature within its physical and metaphysical interpretations. Drawing geographical parallels with the landscapes of the … Continue reading


Human Genome

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Daniela Papadia, the artist who turned the Human Genome into a masterpiece Le Dame Art Gallery are extremely excited to announce “Human Genome – The Table of Alliance”, Daniela Papadia’s first Solo Exhibition in the UK, set from the 18th of February to the 4th of March 2016. Daniela’s is an established Italian painter who … Continue reading



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Exhibiting 70 works by contemporary up-and-coming Korean artists Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House Hotel are extremely honoured to be the host of ART KOREA LONDON, an exquisite collective exhibition curated by Mr Alvin Lee presenting of over 70 works by contemporary up-and-coming Korean artists. Visitors are invited to discover the beauty and … Continue reading

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Finally, if you are in the mood to discover interesting new artists, Le Dame Gallery in Regent’s Park has made a selection of some of the most talented artmakers of today. Cristina Cellini and Chiara Canal, the directors of Le Dame Gallery, say:

“We are privileged of having the gallery literally next to Frieze in Regent’s Park and are organising collectors events to introduce a selection of Italian artists and also from other countries such as Spain and the UK. Collectors and other art professionals appreciate a moment of calm, to discover exciting emerging artists and to meet like-minded experts during this frenzy week.”

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USEUM Exhibition

Le Dame Art Gallery and USEUM are delighted to announce that throughout October they will host the first exhibition witnessing the collaboration between the prestigious gallery and the rapidly growing online art platform. The aim of this synergy is to bring emerging talent in the areas of painting, drawing and illustration from the Internet to the heart of the art world in London.

USEUM, “The World’s Art Museum”, is a new platform where all artists are given the opportunity to promote their work and stand out on a global scale, exhibiting already more than 2,000 participant painters and illustrators from 100 countries. Le Dame Art Gallery, capitalising upon the media spotlight occupied by Le Dame after the success of ARTROOMS 2015, and with its prime location in the thriving arts hub that is the Melia White House, offers all these artists the opportunity to exhibit at the perfect venue in London.

For this first USEUM Exhibition no overarching – or restricting – theme has been selected. Instead, a focus on the aesthetic merits of art has been chosen, with each of the successful submissions emphasising the diversity of approaches practiced and ideas sought by artists on an international scale. For USEUM Founder and Managing Director, Foteini Valeonti, the showcase marks, ‘our privilege to live in an era where painting is not dominated by a single movement, but instead accommodates the flourishing of many different styles, subjects, themes, art movements and artists of various backgrounds.

23 artists from 16 countries from 4 continents have been selected to join in USEUM’s debut at Le Dame Art Gallery. The inaugural event will take place on Tuesday the 6th of October at 18.30 in The Albany Suite at The LEVEL. All art works are available for purchase.

Title: USEUM Exhibition

Artworks: Link

Dates: 7th of October – 7th of November