• Born in Munich, Germany, Tania Welz has lived and worked in Rome for over 20 years. Welz set out as a painter but soon felt that the two-dimensional surface of the canvas and the use of paints and brushes were limiting her creativity. She felt the need to bring a sculptural element into her work but at the same time, she wanted to avoid the hardness and rigidity associated with traditional sculpture.

  • "All living tissue forms a fibrous texture, wrapping and connecting all life phenomena. Yet, it is fragile, it can be damaged, it's exposed to the changes of time and finally it will perish. In my work the fabric becomes a metaphor for this process and serves as a stage, where our experiences outside and inside, wrapped under our skin, our non-material texture, our nervous and psychological system and our soul, can be rendered visible. My work searches for coherence in the use of fabric: through tearing, burning, recomposing and layering, I explore the materiality of life and narrate my perception of a social reality, exposed to profound changes and the resulting potential for conflict. The work is a snapshot of this metamorphosis, where the collision of two different material worlds gives life to a new reality. Processes in the universe that had begun millions of years ago, and created such precious materials as gold and platinum, serve as placeholders to illustrate the tight physical and metaphysical connections between the microcosmos and the macrocosmos. Transcending life and death, they help us to realize, once again, that our mind is trapped in a limited and deceptive perception of space and time".

    Tania Welz