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Le Dame Art Gallery has a reputation for scouting and representing the finest up-and-coming artists, whose works have been commissioned or acquired by public, corporate and private collections. Le Dame Art Gallery is based at the Meliá White House, a 4-star deluxe hotel in central London, where the gallery has been curating the MWH Art Collection (launched in 2016) and where they also host  ARTROOMS – International Contemporary Art Fair, not just a fair but a laboratory for exploration that has already become a focal point for galleries and collectors looking to uncover talented artists.  With approx 2000 sq meters exhibition spaces from the Meliá White House, Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to launch Le Dame Art Hub running two programs for international & UK based artists.  During the Summer season they are also based at the Meliá Villa Capri in Italy.


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Sadie Clayton in Miami

Sadie Clayton is a luxury sculptural womenswear label representing a unique aesthetic in the British fashion scene. Clayton’s architectural approach sees avant-garde shapes, manipulating industrial materials and silhouettes to fit the female form. The designer’s signature fabric – and the element that brings good luck – copper, is prevalent within her collections as is copper sheeting, … Continue reading

Tommaso Pennisi

Tommaso Pennisi will be on exhibition at Le Dame Art Gallery from the 21st to the 27th of November 2016. Press Release Tommaso Pennisi

Unfinished Self Project

Le Dame Gallery is delighted to present the “Unfinished self” a project by artist Martin Robert Reed. The show features new mixed media paintings that explore self-portraiture and the human condition. As humans we are persistently engaged in thought and our emotions govern our existence, these attributes contribute to what inspires us, yet it is … Continue reading


In collaboration by AccorsiArte, we are delighted to present ITALO, a glimpse into the Italian Contemporary Art world.

Michel N Camilos

Michel N Camilos First UK Solo Exhibition from the 12th to the 16th of June Michel Camilos 01 January 1972 is a Lebanese Artist, an event designer and a food specialist. His passion for food, and art combined landed him mostly in the event business. After almost 20 years between the Gulf specially KSA and … Continue reading

Exodus 9 June to 6 July

Le Dame Art Gallery are delighted to present EXODUS, an installation of 15 mannequins by artist Franco Nonnis. With this exhibition, the artist continues his personal investigation on human beings. As a starting point, Franco has asked himself a simple question: are people’s choices driven by curiosity, interest or necessity? With a great sense of … Continue reading