With over 10 year experience within the contemporary art industry, Le Dame Art Gallery curates private collections and develops new concepts for commercial, hotels and yacht projects. We work with well established artists while continuously scouting for new talented emerging artists all over the globe.

Together, we work with you to build a valuable collection that reflects your personality.

A gallery with a different approach

We are not affiliated to any one particular artist nor offer artists’ representation. We proud ourselves to acquire artworks exclusively responding to our Clients requirements both in terms of artistic preferences and budget. We will always present you a variety of artworks, and you will make the final choice.


Whether you are looking to build a private collection or enhance the organisation’s brand, at the first stage of the project, we will meet with you and your team for a briefing session to understand your values, the location and what type of art will have the power to transform and regenerate your space.

Starting from a colour palette, number of artworks, medium, dimensions, and considering the overall design, we will work together to integrate art within the space.

After the briefing session, we will assess the budget and work on different proposals, present a documentation with all details including a mock up to better visualize how the works will appear within the location. Once approved the final selection, we will source or commission artworks, oversee the delivery (national and international shipping). If required, we will take care of framing and installation of all artworks on site.

Private Clients: Outsourcing and commissioning artwork, framing, installation.

Hotel, Commercial, Yachting: Study and research for the brand visual narrative and identity, site-specific commission and wall art.

Art Hotel Engagement Programme: Curation of new art collections and exhibitions; Artist in residence programmes and artist talks.

Public art: Public art commissioning programmes; International competitions.