Baglioni Gallery, a new space for Italian contemporary art in London

Roberto Grosso at Baglioni Hotel London

Baglioni Gallery in partnership with Le Dame Hospitality Art just launched a new space for Italian contemporary art at the prestigious Baglioni Hotel in Kensington.

The new project provides for 2019 – 2020 a rich program of exhibitions and thematic installations that will dialogue with the most important events in town, as in the case of the recent installation Solid by Alice Padovani exhibited at Baglioni Hotel during the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

“It is an honour to collaborate with a brand such as Baglioni Hotels – says Cristina Cellini Antonini – with its elegance, the hotel offers an Italian experience to which attention and love for contemporary art have just been renewed. Just like at home, works are an essential element for the spirit and the mind.”

The exhibition is organized in two different spaces: the first with a completely feminine character – the Lobby – sees Federica Cipriani from Ferrara, whose artistic research focuses on harmony and movement. Using an alphabet made of shapes and colors, the artist transforms butterflies and clouds made of paper into elegant and light compositions. Already successfully exhibited in numerous European art fairs, Cipriani has won, among others, the Arte Cairo Editore Award, the Nocivelli Award and the Michelangelo Antonioni Award.

The second part of the exhibition, on the other hand, has a strong spirit and winds through the places of Brunello Restaurant & Bar, thanks to the strong expressiveness of Marco Tamburro and the technological innovation of Roberto Grosso.

Born in Perugia in 1974, Tamburro is undoubtedly among the most interesting and established contemporary artists on the Italian art scene. After important exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, Castel dell ‘Ovo in Naples, Palazzo Penna Perugia, Palazzo Medici Florence, he succeeds in the global market with exhibitions in Miami, New York, Sao Paulo, China, and Berlin. Published by the most important Italian art magazines, the works of this artist have received the praise of art critics who have defined Marco Tamburro’s intimate work as effective in conveying his cynical message: a punctual representation that cancels identities, substantiating the contemporary age of alienating depersonalizations in favour of metallic urban fabrics.

Roberto Grosso is inspired by music and the key element is the use of vibrant colours and Augmented Reality that allows the work to live a life beyond the frame, showing the different phases of realization accompanied by the soundtrack that inspired the work. To make these works live, download the Artivive app for free, and then direct the phone or other device to the work and immerse yourself in this journey in art!

Gabriela Herma and the Italia Polo Challenge Molinari CUP Award

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Il Polo entra a far parte del programma di Piazza di Siena e per celebrare questo attesissimo torneo internazionale, Le Dame Art Gallery scendono in campo con l’artista Gabriela Herma e la mostra dal titolo Polo Game.
La collezione é composta da otto immagini scattate durante una partita di polo e lavorate poi dall’artista che, come nel suo stile, le rende uniche e irripetibili. Il lavoro di Gabriela Herma é infatti caratterizzato da un processo lungo e affascinante che le permette di trasformare uno scatto fotografico in un’opera pittorica. Le immagini sono stampate su alluminio e in seguito lavorate con resina e altri materiali quali la polvere di diamanti, Swarovski e foglie d’oro o argento. Immagini che catturano le emozioni del gioco, dei cavalieri e dei loro splendidi destrieri, immortalate per sempre sotto strati scintillanti che riflettono la vitalità di questo magnifico sport.
La Herma é anche autrice del Premio Italia Polo Challenge Molinari Cup, una magnifica immagine di un cavaliere mentre impugna la stecca, che sarà consegnato alla squadra vincitrice del torneo a Piazza di Siena.
Il Torneo, organizzato dalla FISE in collaborazione con la ASD Polo Castelluccia, vedrà impegnati quattro Polo Team sui terreni del Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese da lunedì 20 a mercoledì 22 maggio.
Le opere saranno presentate durante conferenza stampa di presentazione il 14 maggio 2019 alle ore 19:00 a Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology e successivamente a Piazza di Siena dal 20 al 23 maggio 2019 durante la manifestazione.

Polo Game by Gabriela Herma

Polo, the sport of kings, is the new entry of the Piazza di Siena program and to celebrate this highly anticipated international tournament, Le Dame Art Gallery present artist Gabriela Herma and the Polo Game exhibition.
The collection consists of eight images taken during a Polo match and then worked by the artist, who turned them into one-of-a-kind artworks. Gabriela Herma’s work is in fact characterized by a long and fascinating process that allows her to transform a photograph into a pictorial work. The images are printed on aluminium and then worked with resin and other materials such as diamond powder, Swarovski and gold or silver leaves. Images that capture the emotions of the game, of the knights and their splendid horses, immortalized forever under sparkling layers that reflect the vitality of this magnificent sport.
Herma is also the author of the Italy Polo Challenge Molinari Cup Award, depicting a knight holding the mallet.
The Tournament, organized by FISE in collaboration with ASD Polo Castelluccia, will involve four Polo Teams on the grounds of the Galoppatoio of Villa Borghese from Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 May 2019.
The works will be presented during a press conference on May 14, 2019 at 7.00 pm at Palazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology and subsequently at Piazza di Siena from May 20 to 23, 2019 during the event.

Beyond Boundaries

BEYOND BOUNDARIES: The Journey of Indian Art from the Bengal School to contemporary

AA e-inviteAbundant Art Gallery was setup in 2017 with the aspiration of supporting emerging as well established Indian artists showcase their work in the global market. We are proud to present a bouquet of creative works of twelve painters, one printmaker and two sculptors in Le Dame Gallery in London. This is a unique opportunity to experience afresh the flavour of Indian contemporary art and its present trends.

Indian Art has travelled a long way since the introduction of western methods by the British in the 19th century.  British colonial rule  added another important influence on art in India and led to a fusion of styles and techniques. In the early 20th century Indian identity and heritage reasserted itself with the emergence of the Bengal School of Art.  With the active encouragement of British art teacher E.B. Havell (1861- 1934) Indian artists in Calcutta adopted traditional Indian ways of painting notably Mughal miniature style or folk styles such as “Kalighat”.  They used indigenous techniques such as the wash method.  This led to a debate about what Indian art should aim for? Historicity or embrace all international trends to reflect modern thought. Luckily contemporary Indian art has struck a balance between the two and coursed a journey which is much more reflective of india and her current position and context in the world.  We see a more confident contemporary art in India today which is distinctively Indian yet at the same time embraces elements of global art trends.

“Beyond Boundaries” show cases artists who represents not only the unbroken heritage of Indian art dating back to Mughal miniatures but also show how India is responding to more global ideas in the post-modern sense.

Our  selection of artists represent the widest possible form of expressions and creativity. They exhibit a vast horizon depicting reimagining of the Bengal school in Mohi Paul’s works to the abstract explorations of inner emotions by Shad Fatima. They showcase an element of sensibility which is embedded in Indian culture and heritage with the signs of co-travelling with world art at large. Our artists play a variety of media including water colour wash technique, acrylic and oil. There are traditional Indian motifs, mythical and historical contents as well as articulations of the artists’ inner journeys. It’s like a grand old man with a distinct cultural root stepping out into a new world full of new possibilities and potentials. No doubt E.B. Havell would have been pleased with this outcome.


Gods by Akelo

A Palazzo Naiadi “Gods” la nuova mostra personale di Andrea Cagnetti in arte Akelo

2004 NISOPalazzo Naiadi – The Dedica Anthology Hotels e Le Dame Art Gallery, sono lieti di annunciare “Gods” (Dei) la nuova mostra di Andrea Cagnetti in arte Akelo, che avra’ luogo dal 19 aprile al 12 giugno nella splendida Hall del lussuoso hotel.

Andrea Cagnetti – in arte, Akelo – è un’anima antica, un uomo del Rinascimento, che vive nel 21esimo secolo, coltivando una grande passione: quella di creare gioielli e sculture, che coniugano la sua creatività alla perfetta padronanza delle tecniche di oreficeria e metallurgia, risalenti a oltre 3.000 anni fa.

I lavori di Andrea Cagnetti si basano su miti, leggende e simboli tratti da un repertorio ancestrale ed elaborati attraverso un suo personale linguaggio criptico, che attinge al sapere alchemico, frutto dei suoi approfonditi studi sui testi antichi.

Dal 2010, l’artista realizza la scultura per il premio “Robert Besson Prize” per la Mostra del Cinema di Venezia. Tra I registi premiati: Maha mat-Saleh Haroun; Jean-Pierre e Luc Dardenne; Ken Loach; Amos Gitai; e Carlo Verdone.

I suoi lavori sono presenti in collezioni permanenti e musei quali il Museum of Art and Archaeology in Missouri e il Fine Arts Museum di Boston e il Museo di Newark. Tra le sue ultime mostre: “Akelo’s Treasures. An Exhibition Celebrating Twenty-Five Years of a Roman Master Goldsmith” presso la famosa gioielleria Bentley & Skinner di Londra.

Come afferma in un testo critico, Giandomenico Spinola (Responsabile del Dipatimento di Archeologia dei Musei Vaticani) “Andrea Cagnetti  parte  da  un  artigianato  antico  come  la  sua  terra,  quello  della  tecnica  orafa,  per  poi  evolvere  in  forme  artistiche  le  sue  opere.  Su questa  linea  ha  realizzato  le  sue  prime  creazioni,  tanto  vicine  ai  capolavori  dell’oreficeria  etrusca  da  mettere  talvolta  in  imbarazzo  molti  esperti.  D  qui,  ha  dato  origine  a  lavori  di  notevole  pregio  in  diverse  direzioni:  alcuni  lavori  rappresentano  la  prosecuzione  della  sua  rima  produzione  orafa,  altri  se  ne  distaccano,  ma quel che emerge in ogni sua opera, sempre e comunque, è una grandissima capacità tecnica e un’inventiva brillantemente espressa. In tutti i suoi lavori – anche in quelli in scala maggiore –  non rinuncia  mai  alla  cura  del  dettaglio,  anche  infinitesimale,  proprio  come  nella  migliore  tradizione orafa

Galleria Immagini:

“Gods”, mostra personale di Akelo (alias Andrea Cagnetti), dal 19 Aprile – 12 Giugno 2018

Palazzo Naiadi –  The Dedica Anthology Hotels (ex Boscolo Exedra Roma)

Piazza della Repubblica, 47 – 00185 Roma – Italy

Tel. +39 06 48938910 – Fax +39 06 48938000

Orari di visita consigliati al pubblico: dal lunedi alla Domenica dalle ore 10:00 alle ore 19:00

Per appuntamenti con Le Dame Art Gallery e per interviste con l’artista, vi preghiamo di scrivere a: . Per informazioni:

Romans di Mauro Pallotta apre il programma al BOSCOLO Exedra Roma

Dopo #ordinaryheroes arriva al Boscolo Exedra Roma “Romans” la nuova mostra personale di Mauro Pallotta

Apertura al pubblico dal 16 febbraio al 15 Aprile

IMG-20180214-WA0005Il Boscolo Exedra Roma e Le Dame Art Gallery, sono lieti di annunciare la prima di una serie di mostre di arte contemporanea che avranno luogo nella splendida Hall del lussuoso hotel, a partire dal prossimo 16 marzo 2018.

Il primo artista ad aprire il programma e’ Mauro Pallotta, conosciuto ai piu’ con lo pseudonimo di Maupal, che ha appena lanciato la campagna #ordinaryheroes.

L’artista romano e’ noto alla stampa internazionale come Street Artist, soprattutto per il suo Famoso “Superpope”, il murales con cui ha rappresentato Papa Francesco nei panni di Superman. Dal Washington Post a Yahoo News International, al Chicago Tribune e Le Monde, giusto per citarne alcuni, negli ultimi anni Mauro e’ tra gli artisti Italiani piu’ rappresentativi sia in Europa che oltre Oceano. Nel 2014 il suo lavoro e’ stato mandato in streaming sui maxi schermi di Seoul, in Korea. Ed e’ sempre con il suo “Superpope” che Mauro oggi e’ protagonista del progetto #ordinaryheroes, un progetto benefico lanciato dal Vaticano che conta testimonial d’eccezione come l’ex capitano della Roma, Francesco Totti, che firma anche la maglietta sulla quale è stampata l’immagine. Dal Pupone al Pibe: l’ex numero 10 nomina come suo successore un altro collega, altro grande numero 10, Diego Armando Maradona.

Il Messaggero

Oltre a essere un rinomato Street Artist, Mauro Pallotta nasce da studi classici e negli ultimi venti anni ha raffinato una tecnica e uno stile molto personali, utilizzando lo spray acrilico (come si usa nei  murales) sulla lana d’acciaio con estrema precisione e maestria. I lavori di Pallotta hanno sempre forti riferimenti socio-politici, come le opera presentate in anteprima al Boscolo Exedra per la mostra personale “Romans”, come racconta lo stesso artista: “La mia ricerca, oltre che pittorica, è anche storica. Nel percorso biografico dei più illustri personaggi dell’antica Roma, ci sono spesso degli incredibili parallelismi con i tempi che stiamo vivendo. Il mio obiettivo è quello di sintetizzare alcuni elementi che, oltre a raccontare in maniera ironica e satirica il personaggio, creano anche ossimori o parallelismi con l’attualità che ci circonda.

Dal 2015, l’artista e’ rappresentato da Le Dame Art Gallery di Londra, con cui e’ stato recentemente protagonista di eventi come “The World Travel Market – London” con l’installazione site-specific “Bagaglio a mano” e Miami Art Basel.

Il 2018 inizia per Pallotta con “Romans” e a pochi giorni dall’apertura, dal 2 al 4 marzo, prosegue con l’installazione “La Citta’ dell’Anima”, opera realizzata dall’artista per la prima edizione italiana di Artrooms, nota fiera britannica per artisti indipendenti, che inaugurerà a Roma presso l’hotel The Church Palace.

Doppio appuntamento romano quindi, per tutti coloro che hanno voglia di conoscere un po’ piu’ da vicino Mauro Pallotta.

Art Fairs… getting ready for Art Basel Miami


Le Dame Art Gallery is back in Miami exhibiting at RED DOT 6 – 10 Dec 2017 – BOOTH R500

A unique opportunity to find works by Stevens Vaughn, Mauro Pallotta, Gabriela Herma, Alice Padovani, Dario Moschetta and Laura Zeni.









If you can’t make to Miami… visit us in Norwich

ART FAIR EAST 30 Nov – 3 Dec 2017







To request an invitation to the private view, please email

Sparkle of Nature by Gabriela Herma

Sparkle of Nature, a new exhibition by Gabriela Herma at the Albufera

Le Dame Art Gallery at the Meliá White House are proud to present “Sparkle of Nature”, a new exhibition by Fine Art Photographer Gabriela Herma hosted at the L’Albufera.

Print on resin, resin, sparkle dust, sparkle plastic layers
100 x 150 cm

Born in Bielsko-Biala, Poland and based in London, Herma’s work is inspired by her surroundings and led by her initial emotional response. Each of her photographs conceal a deeper meaning and emotion that she invites her viewers to explore. Encouraging us to see beyond what can be seen.

Herma’s photographs are printed onto metal and later supervened with resin and mixed materials such as Swarovski, broken mirrors and sparkle dust. Her photographs freeze moments of emotion and are brought to life by layering resin and reflective elements. Through this process, she injects a vitality and tangibility that invites us to step into the scene and experience firsthand the moment Herma captured.

One of Herma’s most significant works is Guilia, 2015. Guilia is the depiction of a red dragonfly she met in Marbella, Spain in August 2015. The dragonfly flirted and interacted with Herma, as if she was silently requesting to be captured by her camera. The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation that encourages us to seek self-realisation and uncover the deeper meaning of life. Guilia is a representation of Herma’s internal growth and ability to see beyond the surface meaning of her subjects, a redline through her work.

Violet, supporting The Circle. Bid now on

One of the work on exhibition is “Violet”,  which most represents the depiction of passion for the artist. It is indeed the color symbolizing this feeling that Herma presents on a black background – black representing the darkness of the night.

Passion is as fragile as a flower, even being so beautiful. Without the right nourishment it can wither very easily.

Take home this incredible artwork, the proceeds will support the Circle, a charity helping women around the world.

Bid now on

Link to the bid

Notes to Editors

About Meliá White House Hotel

Meliá White House, part of Meliá Hotels International, was originally built in 1936 as luxury apartments named The White House. The hotel today has preserved the property’s late 1930s architectural details. After a recent refurbishment, guests can now have a more pleasant and unique experience when staying in London. This 4-star deluxe hotel has 581 rooms, 112 apartments, 9 meeting rooms, 2 restaurants and a bar with a terrace; a fitness centre and an executive lounge.

Gabriela Herma supporting The Circle –

“Violet”,  is  the depiction of passion for the artist. It is indeed the color symbolizing this feeling that Herma presents on a black background – black representing the darkness of the night.

Passion is as fragile as a flower, even being so beautiful. Without the right nourishment it can wither very easily.

Take home this incredible artwork, the proceeds will support the Circle, a charity helping women around the world.


Bid now on