From the Artrooms Fair to Le Dame Art Gallery, American artist Brian Huber and the elegance of natural patterns

Le Dame Art Gallery is delighted to present American artist Brian Huber in his first UK Solo Show. Brian’s work is based on the abstraction of landscapes, architectural elements and the impact of man on the natural world. Raised in New Orleans, Brian was influenced not only by an unconstrained culture and the rhythmic motions of blues and jazz, but also an environment where hurricanes could change or destroy everything in minutes.

Brian transforms landscapes and man made forms into something new.  His pieces represent physical changes on a grand scale —anything from the construction of a beautiful building to the devastation of a man-made disaster.

Brian cuts and manipulates giant sheets of acrylic paint to create the distinctively sculptural texture of his pieces. The constant change of light and shadow alters the color and pattern of his creations, breathing life into them.

Brian Huber_Parkroad (Braided series)_91x91cm

The show will present the Braided and Circle Back series investigating the way we consume reality, playing with light and shadow on wrought ironwork found throughout New Orleans. An abstracted interpretation of the braided rivers and glacial moraines of the Denali Alaska landscape is the focus of Braided.

In January 2017, Brian was among the 70 artists selected for the Artrooms Fair, gaining recognition among collectors and galleries. He recently was shown at the Los Angeles Art Fair and the Palm Springs Art Fair and has an upcoming solo shows in San Miguel de Allende Mexico and Mexico City.

Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to invite London’s art lovers to discover the ultimate elegance of Brian’s works.

The Private View is set on the 25th of April and the exhibition will run until the 3rd of June 2017.

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Coming Soon… Photo House Competition

Le Dame Art Gallery is proud to announce the first edition of its Photo House Photography Competition.Having been scouting emerging artists over the past three years as a Contemporary Art Gallery in London and following the success of ‘Artrooms’, the International Art Fair for Independent Artists hosted at the Meliá White House Hotel, we are excited to open the doors to the most popular visual media, Photography, with this international competition aiming to extend our art gallery’s collection including a new photography section.

‘On a journey’ is the theme of this year.

The competition offers all talented photographers the chance to show their unique vision, to communicate their different ways of seeing the world and also to become part of this collection.

 Photo House, Board



100% Abstract

Le Dame Art Gallery is delighted to present 100% Abstract, a new collective show set from the 2nd of February 2017 to 12th of March 2017 at the Meliá White House in Regent’s Park.

Join us and discover Abstract Art throughout the work of emerging artists from all over the world with different backgrounds, cultures and techniques.

We are looking forward to see you all!

Featuring artists:

Alexia d’Onofrio


Angelika Millmaker

Belen Velasco

Blandine Martin

Damien Diaz


Emily Blackmore

Blackmore_Follow My Thoughts_2016_Mixed Media_76cmx56cm_£1,200

Blackmore_Follow My Thoughts_2016_Mixed Media_76cmx56cm_£1,200










Fintan Whelan

Franco Fasulo

Gavin Mc Clafferty


Gunther Jancke


Jamie Gray

Above, Below, Aside_2016_ Acrylic and charcoal_100x100cm_£1,000

Above, Below, Aside_2016_ Acrylic and charcoal_100x100cm_£1,000












Jodie Walters


Jordi Rosado

Giving birth_2017_ Photo on methacrylate_70x100cm_ £1,750

Giving birth_2017_ Photo on methacrylate_70x100cm_ £1,750












Keiko Yanagisawa

Laura Burke


Laura Elliott

Dodge Punk'd viper_2017_Mixed media_91x91cm_£695

Dodge Punk’d viper_2017_Mixed media_91x91cm_£695












Leah Michelle


Leszek Blyszczynski

Good Weather_2015_Mixed media on canvas_ 100x100cm_£1,500

Good Weather_2015_Mixed media on canvas_ 100x100cm_£1,500












Lynne Godina Orme


Mark Harris



Natasha Dijkhoff




Paul Squire

The receptive full_2016_Mixed media_100x100cm_£845

The receptive full_2016_Mixed media_100x100cm_£845












Saliha El Houssaini

Domino Effect 3_2015_Acrylic on canvas_100x100cm_£900

Domino Effect 3 _2015_Acrylic on canvas_100x100cm_£900












Samuel O’ Brien

Metamorphic Vein_2016_Digital paint_100x100cm_£800

Metamorphic Vein_2016_Digital paint_100x100cm_£800


Sadie Clayton in Miami

Sadie Clayton is a luxury sculptural womenswear label representing a unique aesthetic in the British fashion scene. Clayton’s architectural approach sees avant-garde shapes, manipulating industrial materials and silhouettes to fit the female form. The designer’s signature fabric – and the element that brings good luck – copper, is prevalent within her collections as is copper sheeting, which has been hammered and heated for a progressive finish. The abstract concept of time is a continuum in her work both commercially with Nixon watches and specifically this year when she presented with Alcantara a bespoke piece also displayed at the Protein Gallery, Shoreditch, which captured the concept of time in the form of a full length coat.


Sadie also has a personal spirituality which she draws on coming from the metaphysical properties of stones, and physiognomy. Themes which have been translated into her garments through their voluminous shapes, or constraints and twisted proportions. The fabrics replicate the texture and composition of the crystals, also demonstrated in her A/W 2016 signature bomber with Swarovski.


 Sadie Clayton presentation



Unfinished Self Project

Le Dame Gallery is delighted to present the “Unfinished self” a project by artist Martin Robert Reed. The show features new mixed media paintings that explore self-portraiture and the human condition.

As humans we are persistently engaged in thought and our emotions govern our existence, these attributes contribute to what inspires us, yet it is our action our physical motion that directly interprets our response to stimulus. In this regard the drawing/painting process becomes Reed’s main concern, as this is the direct link with our human physicality and our presence. It is this physicality in his drawings/paintings that he believes makes a direct connection to the viewer.

“Through paint it is my intention to immerse the viewer in reality. Not just my own reality as an artist, or the paintings’ reality, but for the viewer to ask questions about their own reality” says Martin R. Reed.

Figuration underpins his paintings and is the main concern, the human condition, consciousness and existence. The fascination with human sophistication and our complex journey, a complex journey that ends unfinished.


“Unfinished Self” Project – 1st – 30th September 2016

 The artist will attend the Private View on the 6th of September from 6pm to 9pm.

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Michel N Camilos

Michel N Camilos

First UK Solo Exhibition

from the 12th to the 16th of June

M Camilos Photo

Michel Camilos 01 January 1972 is a Lebanese Artist, an event designer and a food specialist.

His passion for food, and art combined landed him mostly in the event business. After almost 20 years between the Gulf specially KSA and Beirut, now he is in London, UK to expand his unique talent and to spice his simple lines from the British and European moods.